Why cosmetic dentistry is the future!

Dr. Kimberlie Yun at Capital Dental Group in Englewood is a cosmetic dental that specializes in giving patients a natural and beautiful smile. Dr. Yun strives for perfection in recreating the cosmetic beautiful smile you've always dreamed of. " Cosmetic Dentistry means that other patients don't know which teeth is my work vs. the teeth restored." Dr Yun's mission is to give her patients the smile they deserve with cosmetic dentistry. The future is right now. Everyone wants straighter and whiter teeth. With better cosmetic dentistry, the straighter teeth, you have, the more functional your teeth are from wear and tear. The whiter your teeth are, the easier to pin point small cavities and stop it quickly. Dr. Yun at Capital Dental Group is a strong believer that cosmetic dentistry not only helps the teeth but overall confidence, smile and outward beauty of a patient. It also helps sustain and maintain overall dental and oral health.

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Invisalign, The Clear Option!

Capital Dental Group offers Invisalign and orthodontics treatment for patients. Dr. Kimberlie Yun is a preferred provider of Invisalign. Dr. Yun is specially trained to offer cosmetic dentistry and straightening options to all patients.